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Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Chassis Review

Taking off the side panel we can see just how spacious the case is on the inside. There are many holes for cable management, and each have a rubber insert to keep it looking tidy – especially when you don’t use one of the holes.

Interestingly, Cooler Master have not only only cut a rather large hole in the motherboard tray to aid in CPU cooler installation, but they have also added enough space for you to mount a small fan behind the CPU backplate. Useful for heavily overclocked situations.

They have opted to use a very simple locking mechanism for the 5.25″ bays, and we know from past experience that this works well.

The hard drive bays mount at 90 degrees to the 5.25″ bays.

At the top of the case we can see a quality 140mm fan, as well as a 120mm fan at the rear of the case. There is still plenty of space for a water-cooling radiator.

Removing the other side panel shows the back of the motherboard tray with a wide selection of cables routed into the top of the case for the I/O panel. There is a lot of space behind the motherboard tray, meaning braided power supply cables will fit with ease.

Stripping down to the bare chassis highlights the elegant design, as well as the huge cooling potential. The top of the chassis can also be removed to install fans or a radiator.

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