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NZXT LED Kit Review

Rating: 7.0.

Today we have a new product from the NZXT line of accessories in our test lab.  The product we are going to look at is a set of LED’s with a black mesh sleeve that runs the entire length of the cable.

These LED’s come in a wide range of colors and are either 1 metre or 2 metre long depending on which set you order. If you get the 1 metre set it contains 12 LED’s while the 2 metre kit has 24 LED’s.

The LED kits are packaged in a rugged plastic that should adequately protect them during shipping.

The rear of the package includes product details including the colour and length of the enclosed LED kit.

Once we remove the contents from the plastic packaging we find our string of LED’s and an installation guide to assist with the setup of our kit. There is a small PCB that controls everything and 1 Molex adapter that plugs onto the PCB to power the lights.  The PCB simply then mounts in any available rear expansion bay in our test system.

The faceplate attached to the PCB has a power button as well a switch that allows us to select between 3 various levels of brightness.

This image shows where the Molex power adapter attaches to the PCB using a 3 pin connector. The cable is sleeved and has rubber shrink tube on both ends to protect the small wires that attach to the Molex and the 3 pin connectors.

The string of LED’s then attaches to the right side of the PCB using a 2 pin connector. If we look at  the 2nd image we can see where the plug for the LED’s attaches. The  images show that the Red and Black wires are exposed and extending beyond the rubber tubing. The 2nd image is from the first sample we received which was damaged and the Red wire was detached at the plug end. The replacement that we received had the shrink tube covering the wires correctly so  the original most likely sneaked past the assembly line back in the factory. We suggest being cautious when attaching and detaching the LED’s as these wires are very thin and fragile.

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