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Lian Li PC C60 Chassis Review

The top panel is held in place with two thumbscrews. Simply remove these and pull back, then up on the panel to get to the interior.

There is a little white box taped to the central bar section which contains all the mounting screws (shown on previous page).

The central section, which is seen as silver above, can be removed entirely to fit optical and hard drives. There are two high quality, Lian Li branded 140mm fans installed to help ensure that the motherboard and components receive adequate cooling. Each of the fans is attached to a 3 pin header and Lian Li supply a molex cable adapter for direct connection to a power supply, if needed. These intake fans are dust filtered.

The central bar is held in place with three thumbscrews, one at the left, and two at the right. All of the central section is screwed into the outer chassis with standard screws. When these are removed, the two sections pull apart.

When removed, optical drives and hard drives can be installed into the rack section. The motherboard and power supply can now be installed into the main chassis.

The drive bay accepts both 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch drives. We fitted a 2.5 inch SSD to the very top panel section, it is held in place underneath by four screws. There is plenty of room inside for multiple hard drives, if high storage capacity is a particular concern.

Installing a power supply is exactly the same as in a standard full sized chassis. Four screws hold it in place, and there is an intake section underneath for cool air flow. The other 140mm fan mount in this area has a dust filter and can be populated later if required.

Careful section of CPU cooler is required, because as can be seen above our third party cooler was too tall for the top panel to be resealed. Lian Li claim 140mm (height) is the biggest cooler that the PC C60 can handle.

We tried an Intel Z68 motherboard with one of the new high grade Intel coolers (XTS100H), and we experienced no fitting problems.

Installing a graphics card is painless, although the PC C60 isn’t equipped with the wonderful metal expansion port lever based locking system we have enjoyed with other Lian Li cases this year. The PC C60 can accept graphics cards up to 270mm in length, so larger discrete solutions such as the HD6990 won’t fit. We installed the excellent Sapphire HD6850 Vapor X, as seen above.

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