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Thermaltake Level 10 GT Chassis Review

Installing the drives is straightforward. There is another key lock at the front of the case, when this is in the ‘open’ position, the buttons at the front of the case can be used to access the drive bays.

Each of these drive bays can house a hard drive or SSD drive. SSD’s are locked in place with screws from the underside of the bay. Mechanical drives are mounted from the sides.

These are then slid into the trays and make connection with the rear docking bay.

The row of drive bays can be powered from a single sata connector. All of the case fans are also powered from a single molex connector which is miles ahead of any other design we have seen before.

Equally as impressive is the power supply installation. There is a little tray at the bottom, you simply slide the PSU in from the front then lock it in place with four screws.

The only aspect of the internal build that we didn’t like was the fitting of the expansion cards and graphics cards. The Level 10 GT uses a convoluted system requiring the removal of a locking section then fiddling about with thumbscrews from the rear of the case. I didn’t like it at all and it marred an otherwise fantastic build experience for me.

CPU coolers up to 190mm in height can be used, above is a Thermaltake Frio OCK fitted (review soon). The case can also accept graphics cards up to 360mm in length which is more than enough to accommodate the HD6990 (310mm).

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