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Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro due for release (300 watt cooling capacity)

Arctic Cooling, have announced the release of their upcoming Freezer 13 pro cooler which is being promoted as being capable of dealing with 300W of processor heat.

The cooler is fully compatible with both Intel and AMD processors, including the latest LGA1155 SandyBridge platform.

The cooler stands 159mm tall and features four U shaped 8mm copper heatpipes routed through 47 half millimeter thick aluminum fins. This is the bigger brother to the current Freezer 13, and the Pro model includes an ultra quiet 120mm PWM controlled fan which ranges from 300 rpm to 1,350 rpm.

There is also a second 50mm fan which helps to cool nearby PCB components. (see image above).

“The new CPU cooler incorporates an innovative Cross-Blow technology to provide unmatched cooling performance for professional systems. The Cross-Blow technology is cooling down the Northbridge and voltage regulators on the main board specifically. Equipped with an additional 50mm PWM-controlled fan at the base of the CPU cooler, this extra downward blowing fan would help generating airflow to other chipset parts. This, thus, dramatically lowers the temperature of the surrounding components near the CPU.”

KitGuru says: The price should be good, hopefully around £35 inc vat in the UK.

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