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Cooler Master launches T2 and T4 affordable coolers

It always strikes KitGuru as a little funny when a company has one product in its name, but actually spends most of its time selling something completely different. For example, in London, there is a store called Selfridges that only seems to sell a handful of kitchen appliances. Cooler Master seems to sell a lot of more chassis and power supplies than coolers. But is this about to change?

The Blizzard T2 cooler should hit Stores at around the £12 mark with the T4 also aimed at the bargain sector of the market at less than £20.

At those prices, you're looking at alternatives to the stock coolers supplied by Intel and AMD. So how much cooling technology will you get for your money?

With the Blizzard T2′ there is a patented Dual-Loop design to the heat pipes, so that they form a continuous direct contact base. This is supposed to pull heat away quickly and efficiently – increasing your OC options. It's easy to fit, being a ‘snap on' fitting, but that means you won't get maximum clamping forces – so that should be fine for straightforward clock speeds.

In comparison, the Hyper T4 provides greater cooling performance – with the inclusion of a high-efficiency 120mm PWM fan. The T4 allows you to choose between ‘near silent operation' and ‘maximum airflow/cooling'.

Both of these fans should install easily on almost any system, according to Cooler Master.

KitGuru says: It will be good to get these coolers into a mainstream OC system in the KitGuru Labs – so we can torture test them and discover just how well they deal with the real world

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