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Antec’s new H20 Kühler K120 and K240 liquid coolers feature low profile CPU blocks

Antec has been in the all-in-one liquid cooling game since 2011 and over time, the company has improved its designs and the performance of its coolers on a regular basis. Today, Antec is adding to its lineup with two new AIOs, the H20 Kühler K120 and K240.

As you would expect, the K120 is the smaller of the two, sporting a single fan 120mm radiator. Meanwhile the K240 comes with a 240mm radiator and two fans out of the box. These are the newest generation of Antec's AIO liquid coolers with a few upgrades. For starters, both are equipped with full-ceramic bearing shafts and Teflon coated tubing. A newly designed pump is integrated into the radiator, which should help stop unwanted vibrations from affecting the CPU and there are new fans included too.


As you can see, Antec's new fan designs really stand out. These are high-density fans with 17 fins per inch, which is a metric I have not come across before when discussing coolers. As with most AIO units, it comes with a few PWM fan profiles, allowing users to switch between a ‘silent' mode and a ‘performance', or in Antec's case, a ‘Battle' mode. The battle mode kicks the fans up a notch and will automatically adjust RPM based on temperature to ensure peak performance.

The new CPU block is ‘low profile' sitting at just 50mm in thickness. This was achieved by moving the pump to the radiator, which also has the added bonus of shedding excess weight on top of the CPU. As you would hope, both the K120 and K240 are compatible with all of the latest Intel and AMD processors, so you can buy without fear of not being able to mount it.

The Antec H20 Kühler K120 and K240 should hit retail any day now, with a price tag of 45 Euros and 65 Euros respectively.

KitGuru Says: I recently shifted back to an all-in-one liquid cooling unit after sticking to air for a couple of years. Are many of you currently looking to upgrade your CPU cooler? What do you think of Antec's new AIOs?

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