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Akasa Venom Voodoo Cooler Review

The Venom Voodoo uses a tower design with an aluminum block that the 6 copper heatpipes pass through. The heatpipes make direct contact with the CPU surface for a quick and efficient way to remove heat.

The heatpipes that contact the CPU are U shaped, traveling up through the rows of aluminum fins before exiting out the top of the last row of fins.

Akasa has covered the heatpipes on the top of Venom Voodoo with a sturdy black plastic shroud. The centerpiece of the shroud is cut out and replaced with yellow mesh featuring the Venom insignia to allow heat to escape from the top.

The base of the Venom Voodoo is made up of the 6 copper heatpipes with thin pieces of aluminum inserted between the heatpipes to fill the gaps and assist with heat transfer. There is also the precautionary label covering the base that needs to be removed before using the cooler.

To finish the setup we need to attach the 2 Viper fans. Akasa made this simple by adding a black molding that attaches to the heatsink. There are 2 small extensions on either side of the molding that fit into the grooves cut into the aluminum fins. These are used to secure the fan in place and make for easy changing if required.

The two images above show the fully assembled Venom Voodoo. We think the cooler looks great, thanks to the contrasting black color with yellow highlighting.

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