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NZXT HAVIK 140 Cooler Review

The tower portion of the HAVIK 140 stands at 160mm and weighs 760 grams, without any fans. It consists of a copper base, 6 U shaped 6mm heatpipes and 46 aluminium fins.  All areas are nickel plated to improve the finished look.

If we take a side on view we can see the 6 heatpipes exiting the copper base and extending above the 46 aluminium fins. The tip of each heatpipe is nickel plated which adds a nice shiny finish to the appearance of the HAVIK 140. With the heatsink laid on it’s side we get a much better view of the heatpipes and nickel coated copper base.

The base of the HAVIK 140 has a machined finish so it might not appeal to the audience who love a polished surface. After our initial examination the base of the heatsink appears to be flat. The fan has 9 rippled blades and should be quiet, with a noise level rating of only 25 dBA. These fans come with a 90.3 CFM rating which is impressive if the fan is as quiet as they claim.

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