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FSP’s Windale CPU coolers focus on swift heat dissipation and quiet operation

It looks like there might still be innovation left in air cooling business as this week, FSP unveiled its new Windale series of ultra-quiet CPU coolers which use an all new heatsink design to “ensure unhindered heat transfer”.

The Windale series comprises of two specific CPU coolers, the Windale 6 and Windale 4, which both use a six or four heatpipe design and claim to offer very low noise and vibration inside of the case. The key thing that FSP says sets its own CPU cooler apart is the use of a patented solder-less technique for the heatsink fins, allowing for ‘unhindered heat transfer' unlike traditional soldered fins.

To keep things cool, FSP has equipped its cooler with a 120mm fan that drives ‘up to 60 cubic feet per minute'. The fan itself focusses on noise reduction by using sleeve bearings and operating at low speeds. The whole cooler is mounted using rubber anti-vibration pins to help isolate noise further.

In all, the Windale 4 is rated to achieve 180W of thermal resistance, while the Windale 6 is rated for 240W. Both support a ton of motherboard sockets on both the AMD and Intel side so if you own a system from the last five years, you should be able to mount one of these perfectly fine.

KitGuru Says: We currently have one of these in for review, so expect to see some performance figures soon. We will also be able to update you with pricing and availability info once the review lands.

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