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Asus triple slot GTX 580 Direct CU II on show

NordicHardware have some images on their site of the new Asus Geforce GTX580 DirectCU II graphics card that hasn’t been showcased anywhere, not even at CES last week.

The card is a triple slot design (!) which uses a custom PCB on a 10 phase VRM, with 8 phase on the GPU and 2 phase on the memory. The VRM is created from high grade components.

The heatsink is aluminum and is linked to a 5 heatpipe design with Asus deciding to incorporate dual 100mm fans on top for maximum width airflow. We can see that DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI are all offered on the rear.

We would expect this card to be given the full Asus treatment with high levels of overclock ‘out of the box’. Check it out at NordicHardware over here.

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