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Cayman & Antilles slides leak online – are they enough?

A forum member at 3dCenter has leaked information on the upcoming Cayman/Antilles technology from AMD. A polish site has also leaked slides with some details. Are they enough to put nVidia on the back foot again?

Antilles is going to feature two Cayman GPU’s with a total of 3840 stream processors. Bandwidth figures show 307.2GB/s across 4GB of onboard memory. The TDP is said to be around 300W which has surprised us as we expected this to be closer to 350W. Three DVI’s and three mini displayport connectors are also present.

Cayman has 1920 stream processor in 30 SIMD engines. 32 Rops, 96 TMU’s and a memory bandwidth of 160 GB/s looks impressive, across 2GB of memory.

KitGuru says: Are you impressed?

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