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Club 3D now selling in America too

The graphics card market might already be competitive as hell, but it's going to get that little bit more so in the US now that Club 3D is extending its influence into more than just Europe, partnering with Newegg to sell its hardware to a whole new customer base in North America.
You can't expect a launch like this though, without speaking with the proud CEO of the company though can you? Club 3D's top dog Judith Ma said in a statement: “We are very excited to launch our products into the North American market. Demand has been steadily increasing there and we believe the timing is perfect.”

Best buds. 

This isn't a general launch across multiple retailers though. Club3D is going to be selling straight through Newegg to begin with. Expect it to expand to other retailers further down the line if it does well, but for now it's all about Newegg.

“We are very enthusiastic to help launch Club 3D in North America” says Stephen Weller, Director of Product Management, Newegg Inc. “We feel that Club 3D offers a very high quality and desirable AMD Graphics Card product lineup that addresses the needs of our loyal customer base. Also Club 3D’s accessory lineup will be offered including their class leading MST (Multi-Stream Transport) Hub. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Club 3D.”

To check out Club3D's products on the retailer's site, have a look here.

KitGuru Says: Have our US readers heard of Club3D as a brand? It has some cool looking custom backing plates for your GPUs if you have an image concious rig. 

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