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Swiftech’s full coverage Komodo HD 7970 Water Block pixelated

Gabe of Swiftech has kindly given us a treat over at the XtremeSystems Forums in the form of some pre-release CGI drawings of the company’s upcoming waterblock to suit the new Radeon HD 7970. The block gives full coverage, making physical contact with the entire PCB area of the card as well as its reverse side with a black anodized brushed aluminum backplate, all the while confining itself to just one expansion slot with an included single-slot bracket that is made of black chrome-plated steel.

Swiftech calls it the Komodo HD 7970 and we have to say it sure looks the part with its monolithic black design that also follows through to the fittings area. In terms of build design and features, the block itself boasts nickel-plated copper material with the area of the block covering the GPU using a 0.25×0.25 Micro Pin matrix which is designed to maximize heat dissipation to the coolant.

The other nicety with this particular block is its “active” VRM cooling, whereby the area over the VRM section has its own coolant chamber that is a part of the coolant’s primary flow.

We’re yet to receive word on when the Komodo HD 7970 Water Block will become available, or at what price point.

KitGuru says: With Swiftech having been in the WC game for so long now, there is little doubt this block will kick some major butt!

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