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Palit GTX760, GTX770 and GTX780 Super JetStream Review

The box artwork throughout this range is identical. Palit use dark colours with the product name at the bottom, and an oriental symbol displayed behind the Jetstream product name.
Inside the box is a quick start user guide, software disc, Jetstream sticker and some video and power adapters. Always best getting the latest drivers from the Nvidia website to ensure you get all the current bug fixes and performance enhancements.
The Palit GTX770 is based around a very heavy three fan cooler. The PCB and cooler are black, except for the central fan which has the Geforce GTX770 sticker in the centre and is shrouded with a silver/gold coloured panel. The central fan has 15 blades, and the two fans on the side have 13 blades each.
The card can be used in a 2 or 3 way SLi configuration.
The Palit GTX770 takes power from a 6 pin PCI e connector and an 8 pin PCI e connector.
The card has two DVI ports, a single DisplayPort and a single HDMI port. All outputs can be used simultaneously, so triple monitor gaming is possible with only one card. HDMI is supported by audio, it is HDMI 1.4a compatible.
The cooler itself directly cools the core, GDDR5 and VRM’s. There are four copper heatpipes which run into the aluminum cooler.
The Palit GTX770 is not overclocked. The core clock speed is 1,046mhz, with a core boost speed of 1,085mhz. The memory runs at 1,753mhz, or 7Gbps effective. The GK104 GPU is built on the 28 nm process. There are 32 ROPs, 128 TMU’s and 1,536 CUDA cores. The 4GB of GDDR5 memory is connected via a 256 bit memory interface.

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