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Rambus triumph in legal battle – nVidia and partners to suffer

For a long time now there has been a legal battle between Rambus and nVidia over the use of three specialised patents. The Trade Commission (ITC) has finally delivered a verdict, in favour of Rambus.

This case has been centered around the use of three patents which handle the control and transfer of data between memory and components. nVidia have stated that they were entitled to use these patents under an agreement which was made in 2009 with the European Commission. The Trade Commission has ruled that this was incorrect and has called for a ban on the import of infringing products into the USA.

This ban is still subject to a 60 day review period before it is fully enforced and nVidia are set to appeal, according to Reuters. nVidia spokesman Hector Marinex has said “There will be no impact on our customers or our business as a result of this ruling, we intend to take advantage of the mandatory European Commission License that is available. This will allow us and our partners to continue our business under the terms of that license and prevent the enforcement of any exclusion order.”

Rambus have been extremely happy with the court decision and Rambus senior vice president Thomas Lavelle said “The ITC's decision is another demonstration of the value of our continued commitment to innovation”.

The infringement doesn't stop with just nVidia however and companies such as ASUS, Palit, MSI, eVGA, Diablotech, Biostar and BFG are also falling under the ruling.

During the 60 day review period, the banned goods can be imported but only if the importer posts a bond equal to 100 percent of the value of the imports.

This recent case happens a while after Samsung Electronics settled a long running legal battle with Rambus earlier this year, finally agreeing to a licensing deal worth $900 million.

KitGuru: It will be interesting to see the effects this particular case, long term.

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