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24TB hard drive capability developed by Hitachi

Hitachi are set to release information on the upcoming capability to release hard drives with capacities up to 24TB. We spotted this news story over at Hexus and wondered where it was all going to end.

The research team has been working with Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO) utilises the self arranging properties of specific polymers. This allows them to use an ultra high density patterning technology which allows accurate magnetic structures to be formed at a scale of less than 10mm.

Courtesy of CDRInfo

Currently we are limited to 500GB per square inch on high end drives, but this could change to 3.9TB with the new technology – an increase of eight times. In theory we could have 24TB drives in 3.5 inch format and up to 8TB drives in 2.5 inch format.

KitGuru says: This is some way off hitting retail for consumers, but the ball has starting rolling, so expect this in the future. Once we get affordable 1TB Solid State Drives ill be a happy man.

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