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Low priced 4TB drives now being served on an Aria platter

Almost exactly one year ago, KitGuru covered the news that the price of a 4TB drive had been slashed down to just outside the £200 mark. With a few wobbles along the way, that price continues to fall. KitGuru eyes up another offer in the storage department.

When things spin fast about a point, they wobble. That’s true even when you’re talking about precision engineered data disks.

Make the spinning thing larger and it will wobble more.

If you really want to exacerbate the situation, put multiple disks on top of each other and then spin them close to 100 times every second.

While you’re at it, guarantee that any customer who buys one of these ‘crazy spinning devices’, that nothing will go wrong for several years.

Nuts, maybe. But that’s what the major hard drive companies have been doing for some time.

Seagate has been one of the biggest names in this market for decades and it claims to have been first to the ‘1TB per patter’ milestone.

It also claims to have some very smart caching technology which can boost transfer performance by 45% over previous generations.

Sure, hard drives will get arsemastered by SSD, but the price differential is huge – so the common hard drive is going nowhere soon – although it will grow in capacity.

Which brings us to the offer spotted over on the Aria web site for a 4TB Seagate Barracuda drive, with 2 year warranty, at just £133.

That would be £266 for 8TB of data and only 2 drive bays used in your rig/NAS.


Whopping storage. Everyday price. And it's not even Asda.
Whopping storage. Everyday price. And it’s not even Asda.

KitGuru says: Whether you’re building a new PC, upgrading an existing box or populating a NAS device, this kind of price/TB has to grab your attention. The next video editing rig we assemble in the KitGuru studios will probably have a pair of these for internal backup.

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