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The New Antec power supplies : under the hood

Kitguru works daily with company executives from all corners of the globe and sometimes we speak with some who really know their business. One of these is Christoph Katzer – the power supply marketing manager for Antec. Christoph used to work for Anandtech and has a massive amount of experience in the industry. He has just written a very interesting blog piece on the upcoming range of Antec Power Supplies.

He says: “Time to introduce the High Current Pro power supply series as our next contribution to the evolution of power supplies. To say it with the words of Mr. Jobs: THE next big thing that will change the market. Again.”

Christoph explains that it took them two years to plan and develop this new range. Their goal? He doesn’t mince his words – they want to be the best on the market.

He says: “From the very beginning we had only one goal for this series: be the top of the line, the very best power supply a user could have at his disposal. To reach this high target we had to go the extra mile that normal companies usually don’t take. First of all we had to determine what is good, what is the best of the best? What would people ask from such a product?

We came up with ten main features enthusiasts strive for:

  1. Voltage stability
  2. Transient load behavior
  3. High hold-up times
  4. Low Ripple/Noise
  5. High efficiency
  6. As silent as possible
  7. Good cooling
  8. Sufficient connectors even for mean setups
  9. Durability
  10. Build quality”

He then details the methodology and design ethic that Antec incorporated into the design, this is really worth a read. Check it out over here.

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