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NZXT HALE90 750W Power Supply Review

There is not much information available on the white 140mm fan, but it is branded by NZXT and rated at 0.3A at 12V. We were able to ascertain that it is a dual bearing unit.

Once opened we can see the SuperFlower 80 Plus Gold resonant LLC design, which is very clean.

The primary side capacitors are Nippon Chemi-con and are rated at 400w 330uF to 105C which is an excellent start. The APFC coil as well as the input filtering capacitors are positioned next to the primary side heatsink.

On the secondary side, the modern and effective HALE90 design is using capacitors created by Nippon Chemi-con. The layout is good, with more Nippon Chemi-con capacitors on the modular PCB area.

As we noted earlier in the review, the cabling is fully sleeved into the chassis and is protected against the bare metal by a rubber grommet. Three series of cable ties are used to ensure that the sleeving will not slip over time. We like the attention to detail throughout.

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