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Aria slashes 480GB SSD to £269

With the price for 60GB and 120GB moving right next to each other at -/+ £50, enthusiasts have been running their hands waiting for the larger drives to also drop in price. With Aria’s precision cuts, it seems that you need wait no longer. KitGuru gets into a right solid state.

While our original article (from two years ago) asked the question ‘Can you live with 60GB’ produced the answer ‘Not really’ – you can definitely enjoy some semblance of normal life if you build a new rig with a 120GB drive.

At 240GB, things will calm down even more and by the time you reach 480GB, you may well have forgotten all about that nasty spinning disk thing.

Mushkin is a brand that will be very familiar to overclockers, but most people might not know that the company built it’s reputation on creating highly overclockable memory – typically used for world record attempts.

Now Mushkin has brought its memory expertise to the realms of SSD – and it’s certainly being aggressive on price.

The deal we’ve just spotted on Aria is for the chance to snag the Mushkin Chronos for £269.99.

KitGuru says: Impressive stuff – and the strongest price-led reason yet to ditch the spinning disks in favour of something much faster.

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