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Sandisk update SSD range with new high performance models

Sandisk are updating their range of solid state drives with new models offering higher levels of performance. The new drives have a SATA III Interface and can will almost double the performance of the previous P4 range.

Solid State drives are slowly gaining momentum with the enthusiast audience appreciating the performance gains they can deliver, especially when configured as a boot drive for an operating system. They also use less power which makes them beneficial within a laptop environment.

The U100 solid state drives are targeted at the ultra thin laptop sector and will range in size from a tiny 8GB to a whopping 256GB. The U100 claims a performance level of 450MB/s read and can write data at 340MB/s.

Their new iSSD drives are aimed at the tablet PC sector and can hold between 8GB and 128GB. They are created in a BGA type package with connection points available directly to the PC circuit board. Maximum speeds are 450MB/s read and 160MB/s write. These new drives are aimed at the performance sector and should help Sandisk claim a larger percentage of the market over the coming year.

Acer and Asus used the previous P4 drives in their Iconia and EEE Slate computers.

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