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Falcon Computers Predator Gaming PC Review

Rating: 8.0.

Today we are going to look at a gaming rig from a manufacturer called Falcon Computers.  They are an independent organisation based up in Sunderland, producing an extensive range of pre-configured and configurable gaming systems.

The Falcon Predator offers an impressive specification which includes an overclocked Intel Core i7-4770K, paired with an Asus Sabertooth Z87 motherboard and an Asus GeForce GTX 770 Direct CU II OC graphics card.  This specification makes the Predator ideal for those who don't have time to build their own system, but who want to use the latest components.

At a retail price of £1,399 inc vat is this a system you should be considering on a shortlist?



  • Aerocool Xpredator X3 White Case.
  • Asus Sabertooth Z87.
  • Intel 4770K o.c to 4.2GHZ.
  • 16GB DDR3 1866mhz.
  • 120 GB Samsung SSD.
  • 1TB SATA.
  • Asus GeForce GTX 770 Direct CU.
  • DVD R/W.
  • Cooler Master 700W PSU.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium.

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