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AMD release new Catalyst 11.6 driver

The latest AMD driver was released last night – Catalyst 11.6, which is the first driver release which supports the new Llano based APUs.

The latest driver highlights some new additions, such as the feature called ‘Steady Video’. This helps with stabilisation for video content which we first noticed in similar guise within Apple’s iMovie release some time ago. The AMD driver implementation also offers support for Youtube videos, and we have yet to try it with shaky concert footage – but let us know if you find it any good.

There are bug fixes implemented in the driver with Crossfire in Windows 7 getting some special treatment and there are some boosts in games which is never a bad thing.

New profiles added to this release:
– Witcher 2 – Resolves missing NPI text and light source issues
– Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale – Resolves flickering seen when running in CrossFire mode
– Crysis 2 – Resolves image quality issues with CrossFire enabled seen the latest version of the game patch

You can grab it over here.

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