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Is Portal 2 the best game, ever ?

Portal 2 has caused quite a stir since it was released, with critics claiming it is one of the best PC games this year. Metacritic, which averages all the scores of many sites online, has it showing as a 95% rated game. Gaming sites such as Destructoid have given it a rating of 100/100.

KitGuru gaming reviewer Terry Franklin has joined the ranks of critical acclaim by giving it a score of 5/5 today, saying “Portal 2 is a complete success and easily one of the best games of all time, never mind this year.”

A thought that many gaming experts seem to share.

How do Valve continually release such wonderful games? If you look at their listing of titles, it is hard to find fault. Half Life, Half Life 2, Left4Dead, Left4Dead2 are only a handful of classic games which are still played today by gamers all over the world.

Their first game Half Life was released in 1998 and it won more than 50 game of the year awards. I still remember playing it and being speechless at how epic the game felt.

As Valve say “Since then, we’ve shipped a few (but not enough) Half-Life sequels, a World-War II team-based action game, a counter-terrorism game that took the world by storm, a couple games about killing zombies, and a brain-twisting puzzler in which players fold space into knots. Oh, and TF2.

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Make sure to check out our review of Portal 2, over here.

KitGuru says: Valve create award winning games consistently, and they don't even need to create an engine which needs a nuclear power plant to run them either.

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