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Mass Effect 3 – Preview: combat system evolution

Gaming Guru Max Smolaks recently managed to get a hands on with the upcoming Mass Effect 3. His opinions are well worth checking out on Kitguru Gaming.

The young, virile Max is a tough man to please, however it looks as if the development team have finally got to grips with improving the combat system.

Max says “The game feels great. It’s not just the updated graphics or changes in gameplay. Everything around you is more solid, has more weight to it. Mass Effect was a game of unbelievable depth, but (don’t hit me for this) once it came to action, it was simplistic and unimpressive. Mass Effect 2 kept the depth, and polished the combat. And now, at this new stage of evolution, in Mass Effect 3, you might actually enjoy combat as much as complex interactions with characters.”

Mass Effect 2 was probably one of my own personal favourite games released in recent years, so I have to admit im getting rather excited myself with the anticipation of getting a hands on. Max says the demo he played featured a giant robot which was way in advance of anything experienced in V2 of the franchise.

“We encountered the ATLAS – a huge battle robot, quicker, bigger and smarter than Mass Effect 2 YMIR Mechs. Not discouraged by its size, the robot was actively pursuing me and my squad mates around the room, dishing out ridiculous amounts of pain. I can barely remember 2-3 encounters  in the previous games as intense as this.”

Kitguru says: Be sure to check the preview out over here. The excitement is building.

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    Not long now, the wait will be worth it. I know it already !

    V2 was awesome, i still play it.

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