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Update: Epic Games issues patch to fix “embarrassing” breast physics

Update (29/09/18): Initially removing “elements” of its animation system as a temporary solution to the “embarrassing, unintentional” breast physics, it seems as though Fortnite: Battle Royale is back to normal thanks to a brand new fix.

Epic Games doesn’t do much to elaborate on what the patch contains aside from “fixes for item and animation issues,” resulting in animation elements returning to normal without the debatably unnecessary jiggle seen within the original story. This hasn’t tamed the discussion surrounding the mishap, however, as comments debate whether or not it needed to be removed in the first place.

The animation didn’t just garner male attention, with Australian streamer NovaaBerries exclaiming that it was her “favourite part of the skin” on Twitter. Regardless of your stance on the removal, Epic Games is unlikely to bring the animation back, maintaining a PG element for its child-friendly approach.

Original Story (28/09/18): Epic Games dropped its anticipated Fortnite Season 6 update yesterday, bringing with it a host of new features. This included Halloween-themed portions of the map, new pets and, surprisingly, breast physics that the studio has since disabled, labelling it as an embarrassing error.

FaZe streamer Agony was first on the scene to bring the new addition to the attention of the public, jokingly stating that breast physics were, of course, “the most thing in the Season 6 update.” It wasn’t long before Epic Games addressed the mistake, stating that it was “unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship.”

While it is working to “fix this as soon as possible,” Epic Games has temporarily “disabled elements” of its animation system. The developer has warned that this could potentially cause “visual issues with some outfits,” but thanked fans for bearing with the studio as it knuckles down on the matter.

Before this temporary solution was implemented, it seems that this jiggly animation was activated under very specific circumstances. The player had to be using the new Calamity avatar in her default skin, prompting an emote with a lot of movement.

KitGuru Says: The fan base is undoubtedly split down the middle on Epic’s decision to remove the unintended feature, but most seem to understand that it wasn’t meant to be in an otherwise relatively child-friendly game. What do you think about the mishap and Epic’s subsequent removal?

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