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FromSoftware’s teaser might be a new Bloodborne, or a continuation of 90’s title Shadow Tower

While The Game Awards 2017 held many big reveals, such as Soulcalibur VI and Beyonetta 3, Dark Souls developer FromSoftware is a little more coy on what it currently has in the oven. Its 30-second teaser has prompted the rumour mill to spin wildly, suggesting a new Souls game, or perhaps something different entirely.

Since 2009, FromSoftware has relied on its critically acclaimed Dark Souls series alongside its spiritual spin-off, Bloodborne. Dark Souls is undoubtedly the developer’s biggest title, but with its last entry, Dark Souls 3 having been released in 2016, it seems a stretch that the company would announce something so soon.

Instead, many have speculated that the teaser is related to a Bloodborne sequel, considering the gory imagery of bone, bloodied rope and dated parchment match the tone of the PlayStation 4 exclusive more so than its Souls counterpart.

Perhaps even more interesting is the final caption before FromSoftware’s title card shows, in which is states “Shadows Die Twice.” This has prompted speculation that the teaser is for something else that the developer has in its history, with 1998’s Shadow Tower and its Japanese-exclusive sequel, Shadow Tower Abyss (2003).

Despite its longest running series, Armored Core being a third-person shooter, FromSoftware has firmly pegged itself as a keen developer of RPG games, so it wouldn’t be unusual for it to revisit the series that laid the groundwork for its acclaimed Souls series. Of course, it could similarly be something else altogether.

KitGuru Says: A reboot or continuation of the Shadow Tower series would be interesting as it would be something of a first-person Dark Souls/Bloodborne experience. Of course, many would prefer a new Bloodborne that, perhaps, might even break the exclusivity of the first game. What would you like to see out of FromSoftware teased title?

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