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The new God of War gets a release date and trailer

Sony's next installment in the God of War series has been teased since 2014, confirming its departure from Greek mythology into Norse. Fans have been waiting to know the release date aside from the “early 2018” window given to them at last year's E3 and now we have it, as the title is set to hit PlayStation 4 on April 20th.

2018's God of War features a fully bearded Kratos alongside his son as they travel into the world of Norse mythology for the first time in this soft reboot. The changes coming to the series aren't limited to its setting and characterisation, however, as the mechanics are set to get an overhaul.

What was once a fixed camera will now take a third-person, over-the-shoulder camera style giving players the freedom to change what they're facing. Interestingly, the game will also be directed with no camera cuts. That's to say that while it will feature cinematic cutscenes, director Corey Barlog has revealed that Quick Time Events are gone and the story-based cutscenes that remain will feature panning and dollying of the camera instead of a straight cut.

The latest trailer for the title confirms that mythologies coexist, offering a narrative solution for why Kratos has to ditch Greek for Norse. This has previously been confirmed by Barlog, who says that it is simply “separated by geography,” and while Kratos will clash with the Viking gods, the game is set at a time that predates them entirely.

KitGuru Says: It is interesting to see the conflict within Kratos as he has aged and now taken on the responsibility of being a parent. His maturity hasn't quite fully settled and his son might be even more bloodthirsty than he was in his youth. Are you looking forward to the next God of War?

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