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Console wars the musical

You know what’s great for making it obvious how silly the whole console wars thing is? Singing about it, like we’re gangs from some sort of camp street war – and that’s exactly what the guys at AVbyte have done.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_xHueP7bQ0′]

They catch a lot of the different arguments by the different camps, including the price differences, the bundled Kinect, different game franchise exclusives; but most of all the general posturing of the fanboys is dead on. Right down to the high kicks and pirouettes. The Xbox gamers even highlight how well they can watch TV, while they game.

The pure-angelic PC gamers even make an appearance, suggesting that it’s all better on Steam, with its “higher FOV” and the fact you can download games far easier.

Despite the arguments however, they all come together in the end, because really, we’re all fans of gaming, right?

KitGuru Says: The PC guy’s tablecloth shirt is quite annoying, but I liked this. Puts all the sillyness in perspective doesn’t it?

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