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DotA 2 hits South Korea

League of Legends might be set to see its biggest MOBA, esports competitor gain a big new following of not only players, but viewers too, as Valve's DotA 2 has now been officially launched in Korea, thanks to the help of Nexon. This makes the second time the two developer/publishers have worked together to this end, as Nexon has already helped Valve launch the game in Japan.

“We are very excited to launch this highly-anticipated title in the Korean market,” said Seungwoo Choi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexon. “Nexon and Valve’s successful partnership has created the opportunity to continue the Dota franchise’s worldwide momentum and provide players in Korea with AAA content.”


Korea will be a good test for DotA 2, as the country practically considers gaming its national past time. As well as increasing player numbers in the base game, it should make for a more competitive professional scene as no doubt Korean teams will already be looking to enter the already lucrative pro tournaments.

Nexon has somewhat of a history of handling local publication of Western games in Eastern markets. It was in charge of the Japanese release of Eve Online and also the first and second Korean and Japanese versions of Counter Strike, called Counter Strike Online.

KitGuru Says: This deal announced was almost a year ago, so it's good to see it finally come to fruition. How many League of Legends players will come over to Valve's game though, remains to be seen. 

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