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Extra Life gaming charity event raises $3.8 million

Something we've made a point of doing over the past few months here at Kitguru, is countering the often negative media coverage of gamers with some inspiring stories of those that enjoy the hobby helping the world out. Well today I'm pleased to say that we have another big one: the guys at Extra Life have managed to raise nearly four million dollars in 2013, despite a recent DDOS attack  against the charity.

Over the previous weekend Extra Life charged its 31,000 + members with playing games for 24 hours straight and at the same time get their friends and family to sponsor their efforts, with all funds raised going straight to the Children's Miracle Network Hospital of the players' choice. Unfortunately mid-marathon, the Extra Life website crashed, thanks to a concerted DDOS effort by some nefarious individuals who have yet to be named.

Quite an achievement

“We’re all still a little stunned someone would want to hurt a program that’s helping hospitalized kids,” said Jeromy ‘Doc’ Adams, Extra Life’s founder.

However, despite the attack, the website was brought back online within a few hours and throughout the 24 hour period, Extra Life took in over $1.7 million dollars, bringing the year's total to a massive $3.7 million.

With the four million threshold so close, Extra Life is now holding a “make-up day” this coming Saturday the 9th November, so if you want to help out, go join the other 38,000 gamers that have signed up to the site and get your gaming head in gear.

KitGuru Says: Great effort everyone. Always great to see stories like this to counter balance the tabloid scare stories. 

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