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GTA V delayed for PC?

While players of previous generation GTAs will have somewhat expected it, new evidence has appeared that suggests the PC version of Grant Theft Auto 5 will be delayed beyond the release of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

Over at NeoGaff, one of the forum members managed to get hold of a display board designed to be placed outside of retail outlets. As well as showing a baseball wielding man, holding a chained up Rottweiler, it also shows the GTA V logo, along with spring 2013 launch date. However beneath this text, are only the Xbox 360 and PS3 logos. In the place of where you'd expect the Games For Windows logo, is only a twitter hashtag. Interestingly as well, is there's no mention on there of a Wii U version either.

GTA V Poster
New artwork is always interesting... Source: Musiol
GTA V Poster
The potential for a delayed release date... not so much. Source: Musiol

At least the PC version usually comes with added features, like custom radio station playlists.

KitGuru Says: Are you guys more bothered about a potential PC delay, or the fact that it doesn't look like a Wii U version will come for a while – if ever.

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