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I want my basement to look like this one day

Having just decided that I’ll pick up a busted old arcade cabinet and whip it into shape with some new MAME innards, I’ve been doing some looking around at cabinets, repair techniques and build ideas. I’m thinking some custom art, a pair of six button controls with some minimalist coloring, gonna look sweet. Then I saw this and I felt like my scope was far too narrow. Just look.


This amazing setup is the brainchild and construction project of a Redditor and his son, who’ve spent the last five years restoring and repairing these machines to create the best basement in the world. Yes, even better than Anthony Cumia’s basement cinema.


That’s every Donkey Kong game, sitting next to an original Mario Bros.


Did we mention there’s a bar? You can drink in this arcade. Now if only you could smoke without ruining everything…


KitGuru Says: Part of me wants to create something like this in my house one day. But I’d have to move out of this bungalow first. Unless I convert our bathroom or something. Hmm. 

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