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Now you too can 3D print your own Cyvasse set

What’s Cyvasse? If you don’t know, you obviously haven’t made it to the 4th and 5th books of George R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. Don’t worry TV viewers, no spoilers here, Cyvasse is just a simple chess-like board game played by characters of the world and now you too can play, with 3D printed pieces.

Rules for the game have existed since the books first began mentioning it. While Martin has never explicitly laid out how the game works, the mechanics of play are explained in some detail in the books, so people figured out a few different rulesets and there are ones more accepted than others, but the gist is there. Of course most people played on paper, as there was nothing official, but now you can 3D print your own pieces if you have one available.


If you do print them off though, make sure you paint them up like this guy, as it looks simply gorgeous.

If you don’t have a 3D printer but would still like to have a go with the game, the piece list is:

  • Rabble x6
  • Spearmen x6
  • Crossbowmen x6
  • Light Horses x6
  • Heavy Horses x4
  • Elephants x4
  • Catapult x2
  • Trebuchet x2
  • Dragon x2
  • King x2
  • Keep x2

You’ll also need a board to play on and the ruleset, which can be found here. 

KitGuru Says: If anyone reading this has a 3D printer, how much to have you print this off for me? I’m dead serious. I’ll give you money now. 

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