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Player hits max level in Guild Wars 2 before official release

Despite the fact that Guild Wars 2 isn’t officially released until tomorrow, 28th August, one player known as Sufeuze, has already reached the level cap: 80.

Of course this isn’t magic, even if it is impressive. Those that pre-ordered the hotly anticipated MMO sequel were able to gain early access over the weekend; Sufeuze was one of them. Amazingly, he was able to reach the maximum possible level in the game in just 32 hours.

Guild Wars 2 Level Sprinter
Sufeuze, in all his level 80 glory

This wasn’t through mob killing however, but through a team crafting effort from his guild, War Legend. Together they were able to provide the leveller with all the materials he needed to craft his way into the Guild Wars 2 record books. Apparently there was some questing and boss killing in the day and a half it took Sufeuze to reach the top rank, but levelling was the focus of all activities.

KitGuru Says: South Park needs to be quoted here. “What do we do now??”, “What do you mean? Now we can play the game.”

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