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The PS4 lets you play your games from anywhere

With all that focus on the Xbox One's connectivity and features recently, it's not surprising that Sony is playing a bit of “look-at-me,” right now. However, this newly announced feature should capture gamers' imaginations, since it's one of the ones that Microsoft initially promised but then withdrew – playing your games wherever you want.

Of course you still need a PS4 there, but you'll be able to log-in on any machine and begin downloading your already owned games – and start playing them while they download. Chances are it'll take a little bit of buffering to get enough data downloaded to get you started, but it's nice to think you won't have to wait for the 20+ GB of game to be finished before picking up a controller.

You'd probably still want a nice fibre connection to make this take less than an hour to get you ready though.

This was announced by some of Sony's R&D team in Brithgton at the Develop conference. Team leader, Neil Brown said: “You can visit someone's house and log into your account and play any game that is in your digital library,” he said. “But how useful is that if it takes half a day to download a game?””With ‘play as you download' you get quicker access to at least the first section of the game so that you can be playing quicker. This makes a digital library a practical option in the real world.”

However, Sony is also shaking things up from its PS3 often mandatory install procedure, which gives gamers a few minutes of downtime with every new title. Instead the PS4 will allow instant play, but will merely install some of the more regularly used files onto the hard drive with a stealthed process in the background, thereby speeding up load times but without slowing down the player.

KitGuru Says: Sounds good to me. Chalk another plus one on Sony's score board. 

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