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Total War: Rome II dev pledges to fix all of its issues

While Creative Assembly's Total War: Rome II might have rolled on to release with a big wave of hype behind it, including great dev-talks, trailers and stunning up close visuals for an epic strategy title, it hasn't faired quite so well in the aftermath. Review scores have been good, but not stellar and while fans are enjoying it, there's a fair number that have run headlong into bugs, balance issues and wonky AI. Fortunately, the developers have pledged to fix each and every problem they can, not resting until the job is done.

According to statistics released by Creative Assembly's creative director, Mike Simpson, around two per cent of all players have had some sort of technical problem with the game. Describing this as “two per cent too many,” Simpson has already pushed out a patch and intends to have one released every week, fixing ongoing problems and ones created by previous patches – as invariably happens with these things.

“At the moment it may seem that the changes are slight”, he said (via PCGamesN). “But they aren’t the only ones we are working on currently and bigger changes are happening now for future patches. If you are having a problem, it is totally unacceptable and a big deal for us, please know that we are spending all our dev effort on fixing outstanding issues.”

Get it fixed soon, or Brian will eat you. Source: Movierot

He went on to suggest that developers were working round the clock to fix as many issues as possible, and asked people to please get in touch if they had any specific issues not already noted in the official forums. That's not just bugs he's talking about either, but balancing issues, or strange AI behaviour, he wants to hear all of it.

Simpson also suggested that if there was a hardware compatibility problem with the game, or if you've already got in touch to register your issue, that gamers with a problem check out the support thread, as there are many simple solutions posted in there that might help:

“Many issues have been alleviated by the workarounds and system tweaks posted about in the Support Forum, please do head to this thread as your first port of call http://forums.totalwar.com/showthrea…support-forums.”

Kitguru Says: Looks like it might make sense to hold off on getting this for a while. Any of you jumped in early and found yourself as one of the ill-fated two per-cent?

NB. Mr Blessed doesn't make an appearance here by accident. He recently helped advertise the game with a video on The Art of the Throwing War

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