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What good do games do? KG reader stories

There's been a lot of negative talk from the mainstream press again lately, on the subject of videogames and particularly, videogame violence. Once again it's been rolled out as the bane of modern society, much like dance clubs, video nasties and rock and roll were used as scapegoats before it. Being long time gamers here at KitGuru, we don't agree with this sentiment and understandably, neither did you guys when we posted up a call to arms. We asked you to send us your stories of how gaming has positively influenced your lives and you responded with gusto.

With that in mind, today I'd like to highlight a couple of the stories you sent through that show some of the best aspects of gaming and how it means a lot to many people.

Even those that get their ass kicked in games, know they're a positive thing. If you have a story to tell, send it to us at: [email protected]

Martyn Burnikell – avid gamer

I've played World of Warcraft since I was 14 when it first started, and I can honestly say it's done me much more good than bad. Like a typical teenager I was rebellious and wanted to be left alone, but when I first got into a guild on World of Warcraft, that all changed for me. I actually had people to talk to who had knowledge about stuff I found interesting, it also increased my attention within education, by using WoW as an incentive. I would set myself goals for the amount of work I would do and if I met that goal, I'd allow myself to play.

Even throughout university I saw games as a reward for working hard. Through my dissertation I constantly said I'd get 1 hour of gaming for every 3 hours revising or writing, and it worked. It was motivation towards achieving my goals.

Games themselves have also increased my intellect and my English. Even trivial things such as quizzes in the newspaper have become answerable, thanks – at least in part – to my interactions with video games (sometimes not the video games themselves, but talking to people within them).
Gaming also gave me control over my socialization, which in turn allowed me to develop socialising skills from a safe environment. This gave me a chance to talk to a girl from my university who was also interested in gaming and due to our shared hobbies, our relationship progressed to the point where I proposed to her and we are now planning to get married.
People often focus on the negative aspects of gaming, but don't realise how much good they do to the world. I can honestly say if I'd have never began playing World of Warcraft and other games, I'd be a shadow of the person I am today and may never have met my future wife.
I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way though. Who else sees gaming as a positive thing?

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