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Windows 8 supports most GoG titles

We've posted a lot of hate here for Microsoft's latest Windows operating system in the past few weeks, about sales numbers, how some people think its misguided, that it's not that fast for gaming – and of course there's been talk from Gabe Newell and Markus Persson about how it's bad for the future of gaming. Not everyone feels the same way however, as GoG just announced that over 90 per cent of its catalogue is compatible with the OS.

“So as of today we're adding official Windows 8 support for most of the games in GOG.com catalogue,” reads the official statement over at GoG. “There are currently 431 titles fixed, tested, and reported to be working properly under Microsoft's new OS. Note that most of these have not had the master builds updated, so you shouldn't need to re-download the installer or anything. Some of the titles, our build ninjas performed their usual magic on, and they’ll work now in Windows 8–and we’re even adding Windows 7 support to a few. We’ll also be adding more Windows 8 games as time goes by and we've got time to apply some fixes to more of the classic games in the catalog.”

Who'd have thought Theme Hospital would work on Windows 8 before Minecraft?

“We’re bringing the best games in history to the new OS, If you've got any questions about it, let us know in the comments below,” it continues.

While this isn't some new release from a big studio, it certainly makes other developers look a bit over the top with their cries of problems. If GoG can get games from the mid 90s working, it shouldn't be difficult for other devs to do the same. Of course their concerns are often with the more closed nature of the platform, not necessarily developmental issues, but still.

KitGuru Says: Well even if you won't get a sanctioned Minecraft on Windows 8, at least you can now get Dungeon Keeper.

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