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GTA5 – what’s hot in Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most awaiting new games to be released this year. This and WatchDogs are on my top ‘to get list’ before the year end. RockStar have released a ‘travelogue’ for the upcoming title with a focus on locations.

Los Angeles and Southern California are the locations this time, but under the names Los Santos and Blaine County. Today we take a quick look at the first locations.

Los Santos Customs
Cars have always felt entirely disposable
LS Customs will let the gamer pimp out their car. New body parts, wheels and paint jobs will be offered. No better way to run over a few hundred pedestrians with a blinged out supercar.

The Los Santos Learning Centre
GTA 5: Epsilon Program
This looks like a play on Scientology with the tongue in cheek humour we would expect from RockStar. The Epsilom program is a life changing religious experience. ‘Truthseekers’ will be indoctrinated at the Los Santos Learning Center. We can expect some funny missions with these guys involved on some level.

Bob Mulets Hair and Beauty
GTA 5: The names are so good that the logo design often doesn't get as much credit as it should
RockStar are the masters of character development and we can already envisage a pompous, self involved owner. Bob is the stylist to the stars. A quote has already emerged which had us chuckling “There are animals in nature that will increase their size to scare predators. I do the same with my hair. I will drop a fool in a second.”

Roaming Outdoors
GTA 5: Sky diving
Rockstar are keen to point out that this is the biggest environmental GTA to date. It is larger than San Andreas, Liberty City and Red Dead Redemption combined. One of the best ways to see the locations will be skydiving. We really are excited.

Kitguru says: This years masterpiece? Our fingers and legs are already crossed.

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