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Skype purchase Qik

Skype, the leading VOIP software package has announced that they are buying Qik, a small firm who specialise in mobile video software and services. Qik’s software enables users to share video clips.

Skype have announced this at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. California based Qik was only founded in 2006 and has 60 employees. Their software package for video capture and sharing works across all mobile devices, desktop systems and the Web. Videos can be shared in real time or shared later.

Qik software supports over 200 mobiles phones including Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile and even is supplied now preinstalled from various companies. The talking point is the ‘Smart Streaming’ technology which optimises video transmission over wireless networks.

Skype CEO Tony Bates said “he Qik team has delivered exceptional video experiences for its mobile partners and millions of end users across a range of devices, Qik’s deep engineering capabilities and strong mobile relationships will be an impressive complementary fit with Skype.”

KitGuru says: A hint of things to come for Skype users.

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