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Battlefield 2042 closed alpha gameplay leaks

Recently, EA has been holding closed alpha tests for Battlefield 2042. We've already seen PC system requirements leak through this test and now, players are also leaking gameplay footage. 

Despite the risk of account bans and possibly even legal action, some closed alpha players have been posting leaked gameplay all over the internet. EA is already aware of this and has begun getting videos taken down, although the clips are still floating around on forums and subreddits

The gameplay leaks immediately follow the release of Battlefield 2042 Exodus, a short film promoting and providing some context to the world building behind the game and its future setting.

As pointed out by Eurogamer, the gameplay leaks all have watermarks on the screen, making it easy for EA to track down where the leaks came from.

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KitGuru Says: Apparently the alpha for Battlefield 2042 is capped at medium graphics settings and 30 frames per second, so expect the game to look and run a lot better by the time we get to beta and launch. 

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