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Blizzard will charge you extra for Overwatch 2’s seasonal story missions

While Blizzard has been getting some good press recently thanks to the release of Diablo IV, the situation is very different on the Overwatch side of things. When the game was first announced, the justification for the sequel was the planned Hero PvE mode, but that was cancelled earlier this year in favour of a simpler PvE mode. Unfortunately, in order to keep up with new story missions, you will need to pay more. 

Blizzard teased its ‘biggest content drop to date' with Overwatch 2: Invasion coming in August. During that season, Blizzard will drop the first few story missions for Overwatch 2. While the initial trailer did not mention a price point, Blizzard revealed the nitty gritty details in a blog post this week, confirming that in order to access these new story missions, players will need to pay for the $15 Invasion bundle.

This bundle will include access to a handful of story missions, as well as some Overwatch coins and a new legendary skin for Sorjourn, as well as permanent access to Sorjourn in all modes of the game for those who have not unlocked them already.

This unfortunately brings back issues many players had with Overwatch 2 at launch. Blizzard essentially took away a paid game that many players loved and replaced it with a ‘free' but heavily monetised version and slapped a ‘2' on it. Skins aren't freely earnable like they were in the original game through the loot box system and the purchase price for skins in the shop is hard to stomach. Many were holding out hope for the big campaign mode, but now we aren't getting that either. These smaller, less frequent story missions might end up being good fun, but at $15 for each drop, it is going to be a tough sell.

On the bright side, unlike the season pass where you miss out on rewards you paid for if you don't play enough, the story missions will be available after purchase and will remain playable to owners once the season is over too.

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KitGuru Says: $15 for three missions every couple of seasons will quickly add up. At this point, Overwatch 2 is starting to look like a bit of a money trap. 

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