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Capcom warns against playing cracked version of the Street Fighter 6 beta

A few months ago, Capcom held the first closed beta test for Street Fighter 6, giving players a limited-time chance to play a slice of the game early. Some have found ways to continue playing the beta past its expiry date, something that Capcom is now warning against doing – although it only really matters if you want to compete in future professional tournaments. 

A cracked version of the Street Fighter 6 beta has been available for a while, allowing those who download it to continue playing the small slice of content available. This beta ended in 2022, but is still the subject of live streams and YouTube videos today, as the beta is still accessible through nefarious means.

The situation has now reached a point where Capcom has had to say something. While the average player can't really be punished for playing the cracked beta, Capcom can ban streamers and pro players from competing in the Capcom Pro Tour if caught.

From this point on, if anyone streams the Street Fighter 6 closed beta, it will be seen as a violation of the Capcom Pro Tour code of conduct and those players may be “deemed ineligible for the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League seasons”.

KitGuru Says: Street Fighter 6 is coming out in less than a month now, so content creators, streamers and fans can likely chill and wait things out. The full game will be here soon, so there is little need to go back and play an outdated beta. 

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