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Dead Rising 3 first DLC details

As far as exclusive titles go, Dead Rising 3 has been pretty well received on the Xbox One. Of course with a AAA game that does well on a console, it normally doesn’t take long for DLC to start showing up and this game is no exception, as details of the first add on mission have been released.

The mission is called ‘Operation Broken Eagle’ and will see you playing as Spec Ops Commander, Adam Kane. His mission is to find and capture the President of the United States, a mission that “challenges everything he believes in”.

Aside from this mission the DLC will also include five new weapons, a combo weapon, a new outfit, a new vehicle and some extra achievements to unlock. All experience earned through the DLC will also add to your experience in the main campaign.


The DLC is included in the Season Pass which costs £24.25 in the UK and $29.99 in the US, though if you buy them individually, each DLC will cost $9.99, which works out at around £7.50 once you’ve added on VAT. Xbox One owners are also finally getting a demo for the game. It will allow potential buyers to run around the district of Ingleton in the game’s open world of Los Perdidos.

The demo is limited to a 20 minute playthrough and can only be played twice on the same Xbox Live account.

KitGuru Says: Almost £10 for one mission seems like a bit too much to me, especially when that one mission could have just as easily been added in to the game along with the addition weapons, outfits and vehicles. That said, maybe some of our readers do like this kind of additional content, even at the premium price? We want to hear your thoughts. 

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