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Diablo 4 early access beta faces early networking issues

The Early Access beta for Diablo 4 pre-order customers has gone live but the first hour as brought to light a number of issues. While players were able to log in and play for a while, a networking issue has booted players from the servers and now network errors are setting in. 

If you were hoping to jump into the beta right away, you may want to hold off for a few more hours. Blizzard is already aware of an issue with its authentication servers, which are impacting queue times and creating instability.

Due to these issues, it can take longer to get into the game and once you are in, there is no guarantee you'll stay in. To avoid frustration, it might be worth waiting for Blizzard to roll out fixes to alleviate the problem. If you were around when Diablo 3 launched, or most other Blizzard games for that matter, then you likely expected issues like this. Blizzard titles often draw in a lot of interest, leading to day-one server login issues and lengthy queue times.

If these issues persist, then there is a chance that Blizzard will extend the beta. Hopefully the issues impacting the game now can be ironed out before the open beta, which will be freely available for anyone to download when it goes live next Friday.

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KitGuru Says: Did many of you download the Diablo 4 beta to play this weekend? Have you had issues logging in so far? 

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