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Kojima Productions announces new game in partnership with Xbox

Recently, details about two upcoming projects from Hideo Kojima have leaked. While Kojima Productions is working on Death Stranding 2, presumably for PlayStation once again, the studio is also working on a second game in a partnership with Xbox.

Today at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Microsoft confirmed its new partnership with legendary Japanese game creator, Hideo Kojima. Kojima even appeared on the stream briefly to tease some details about the game:

Unfortunately, the game was not properly revealed, but a recent leak points to Kojima working on a new horror game called Overdose. Previous leaks have described Kojima's Xbox project as a cloud-based episodic horror game, which fits in with the little bits we've heard about Overdose so far.

Kojima will leverage Microsoft's “cutting edge cloud technology” to put together the kind of game that “no one has ever experienced before”. Kojima also added that his upcoming Xbox game is something he has “always wanted to make”.

Since the game has not been officially unveiled yet, we can estimate that it is still a few years down the line.

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KitGuru Says: It looks like those Kojima/Xbox rumours were true after all. Whether this game ends up being Overdose or something else entirely still remains to be seen. 

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