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Life is Strange remaster finally comes to Switch next month

Life is Strange has always been a highly requested title for the Nintendo Switch. A remaster of the original game and its prequel were supposed to land on Nintendo's console back in 2021, but ultimately, the release was delayed. Now, well over a year later, there is finally a new release date. 

After being delayed to February 2022 last year, the Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection, which includes remasters of Life is Strange and its spin-off, Before the Storm, the game was pushed back again to later in the year. Now, the Don't Nod classic is finally heading to Switch pn the 27th of September.

Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection will be available on the Nintendo Switch digitally and physically for £34.99, offering “improved and optimised” visuals and newly motion-captured facial performances.

The specific reasons behind the delays were not disclosed, but it seems likely that the team behind the port just had trouble balancing everything for the Switch version, which uses less powerful hardware than traditional home consoles.

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KitGuru Says: Don't Nod's original supernatural adventure will soon be playable on Switch. If you want something a bit newer in the series, then the latest game, Life is Strange: True Colours, is also available on the Switch. 

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