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Marvel’s Avengers “With Great Power” Spider-Man DLC revealed in trailer

After a lengthy delay, Spider-Man is finally joining the Marvel's Avengers roster. The DLC was controversially announced as a PlayStation exclusive last year with plans to release in early 2021, before being pushed back to late 2021. On November 30th, the Spider-Man DLC will release and we now have a new trailer showing the character in action. 

Spider-Man was one of the very first DLC characters announced for Marvel’s Avengers, although the character and its accompanying set of story missions will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, leaving out Xbox and PC players. In the trailer below, you can see Spider-Man in-game, albeit via a scripted sequence and not actual gameplay:

There is no gameplay, but graphically, this is the visual fidelity you should expect in-game, as Marvel's Avengers' scripted/cinematic moments typically offer similar visual quality to gameplay. Judging by the trailer, we will be able to web-swing as Spider-Man and Spider-Sense will be present in-game so we can dodge enemy attacks more easily.

The Spider-Man DLC is accompanied by a campaign titles “With great power”, which will take Spider-Man on a mission to stop AIM from making its Synthoid army more powerful, with a little help from the other Avengers. Currently, this DLC is only planned for PS4 and PS5 systems and this does not appear to be a timed exclusive, meaning it is unlikely to ever show up on the PC or Xbox versions of the game.

KitGuru Says: Spider-Man looks good enough and fans will appreciate the suit design, but we still need a breakdown on gameplay and his character-specific abilities to see if he's actually fun to play. With the campaign missions rehashing the war on AIM though, the new story doesn't sound very interesting. 

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